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Sargents Roundhouse - #8062

Sargents Roundhouse - #8062

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Laser cut MDF framing, laser cut board and battens for the siding, in fact 98% of the kit is laser cut and makes this kit real easy to build....AND the parts fit!! The siding is all board by board, batten by batten construction. The basic kit includes 2 stalls and you can add as many stalls as you wish. Start with the 2 stall kit and add as many middle stalls as you need, they fit perfectly and snap into place. With the 2 stall kit you get the left and right outside walls, floor panels that align it properly, and roof panels to match plus the internal bracing for the two. The middle stall kit includes the snap in floor, front wall and doors and the rear wall. All kits include doors and hinges, roofing and stacks, and windows...Nothing is left out except for the locos and scenery. Even though we include floors, these are mostly to keep all of the walls and track correctly aligned. It is intended that you add a dirt floor over the MDF sub floor included in the kit. As an option you could add your own wood floor. The roof is entirely removable. The B&W assembly photo shows the model with the roof panels off.... You could add rafters for even more detail... and of course the roof vents are included...

The model is based on Sargents Roundhouse, but, we have made the stalls deep enough and wide enough to accommodate a K series engine. As you can see we have our K-36 sitting in stall 1... No turntable is available but that might change in the the moment it is on you to work that out.. This is an expensive kit, many hours have been put into the design to bring you an easy to build model that will add a lot to your railroad.....and of course we back it up with our unlimited support while building the model, questions? comments? give us a call or email.....

Foot print.... for the 3 stall version shown: 45" across the back, 45" deep, 25 1/2" across the front...

The two stall is 30" across the back and 16 1/2 across the front. The door openings are just under 7 1/2" wide (7.4 to be exact)

Please note, I make these kits to order, it can take 2-3 weeks to get your kit cut and shipped. A 5 stall kit weighs in at 65lbs......Its big, its massive, and its a lot of fun!!

  have adjusted the pricing a bit.... Originally I had included shipping in the price, but have changed it to actual price. Please note you will be billed separately for shipping once the kit is ready to go. This is a heavy kit, a 5 stall version shipped to Phoenix, Az. via UPS runs about $110....So rather than include it in the price, you will be billed actual shipping less the $10 you pay at check out......Thank for your understanding...
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